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About ANDA
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The origin of the company
In 1983, Mr. Jin Meidu founder Andy wire and cable company (Lantau power tool accessories factory), factory is located in Green Island Industrial Park, plug the power cord from the start of production, we initially set up to realize that business development must be used All of our technology and knowledge for customer service for clients best interest. We can always use the customer's requirements, to provide the correct applications to meet customer's cable products to be truly effective control and cost savings for customers.

1986-2000 growth of the foundation
Power cord plug from the first produced, comes the beginning of reform and opening up industrial development. With the introduction of advanced equipment, to improve technology and expand the product line, anda wire and cable to provide high quality, wire and power plug, the company has with the electrical industry, mechanical - and equipment manufacturing, automobile and motorcycle manufacturer, building long-term customers partnership.

2000 - has focused deep plowing
In order to strengthen the competitive advantage of the new century, Andy since 2000, actively promoting the re-engineering efforts to transform processes and core competencies rooted; business strategy by the "diversity" to "focus on deep plowing", establishing the wire and cable and plug for the core business of business development, operations and services to enhance the performance, in response to customer demand for high-growth, sustainable development of enterprise architecture blueprint.
In 1983, the establishment of Lantau power tool accessories factory
In 1986, the first production of the root can not disconnect the power plug off the assembly line.
In 1989, the first non-rewirable plug-certified companies through the Great Wall
In 1993, the first wire production line was put into operation
In 2000, officially changed its name to Anderson Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. Wenling
In 2003, the industrial city of Wenling City, set up 9324 square meters of new factory.
In 2006, launched RoHS, REACH and other environmental directives the European Parliament, to ensure that materials meet the stringent requirements of global environmental protection.
In 2007, the original equipment to conduct a comprehensive transformation and upgrading
In 2007, moved to the city of Wenling City, Wang Jing electromechanical industrial park, to further enhance the company's cable for the electrical industry product mix and plug the supply capacity.
In 2008, officially changed its name to ACE Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. Zhejiang
2008, to help plug the state's new standards in the revised
2011, Mid-industrial park in the sub-set 11,666 square meters production base, and expand overall production capacity.

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